Peter Rothe LMT, CSB

“I believe that the planet is healed by bodywork – one body at a time. This work draws upon ancient traditions that can be scientifically verified in the physical body and felt, quite clearly, in the energetic.”

I was born into a family of artists, my art and healing gift is expressed though touch. My innately intelligent hands, guided by healing energy, intuition and years of training, explore the body, seeking and releasing tensions and adhesions, reposition soft tissue and mobilizing joints. I strive to bring pain relief and well being that is gentle to receive, educational and profoundly relaxing. I started my practice in 1989. I studied and worked at Tom Hendrickson's clinic for 6 years, earning the title of senior teacher of the Hendrickson Method®.
I studied Shiatsu, Watsu® (water massage) and Cranio-sacral work. I took two years of counseling training at Interchange Counseling, as well as earning a certificate in Sexological Bodywork. I am an instrument of spirit in service to the appreciation of beauty and creative life force in nature, art and human connections. 

Our bodies are magnificent flesh tubes through which Spirit and Gaia are making love. My body is a microcosm of the planet, just as my mind is a microcosm of the universe.