what some of my clients have to say about my work

I feel particularly limber in my hips, lower core, and legs when I got home. I just wanted to let you know -- it's pretty cool. 
however we focused our efforts today, let's please keep doing that! Thanks!


In a recent bout of psychosomatic back pain, I could barely inhale due to the excruciating stabbing sensation affecting my rib cage.  Without any precipitating event or physical cause to point to, one side of my ribs felt so swollen and tender, tears would stream down my face at the slightest touch.  The sudden onset of pain, the debilitating nature of it and, the persistence of such acute symptoms were all very extreme.

Within one session, Peter was able to go from barely being able to touch my back at the beginning, to being able to lean into my back with nearly all of his body weight by the end!  Weeks later, I have not had any recurrence of this pain and, I don’t expect to.

I have known Peter Rothe as a gifted body worker and healer for years.  His magical skill and compassionate care in eliminating physical aches and pains are self-evident within minutes.  I recommend his services to anyone!!

What may be harder to put into language, are Peter’s powerful gifts as an ally and midwife for deeper life transformation.  For people who feel stuck by an old pattern holding them back from the life they really want to be living — Peter has a magnificent way of attuning to where old trauma stories and/or blocked energies are stuck in the body, ready for release.

The combination of Peter’s manual skills, his loving wisdom and, intuitive insights enable him to work with the natural mechanics of your individual body.  He brings genuine love and compassion into gentle inquiry with your body and, invites release of the original source of your pain and discomfort.  The result is profoundly potent, permanent healing!

– Joy C

I want to let you know how transformed I was by our last session!  I felt great immediately afterward and for days afterward.  I realized how much I’ve learned about my body from you over the years; how I move, how I stretch, how I work out, how I walk and how I hold myself have all been influenced by you..

– Peter S.

The benefits I’ve received from Peter’s orthopedic massage are almost too numerous to count. I can drive a car again. I sit, stand and walk with more comfort. My circulation has increased. Even my singing voice has improved as a result of deeper relaxation. I can’t thank you enough for the change in the quality of my life.

–   Joyce C.

When I first met Peter Rothe about four years ago, I was suffering from asthma and chronic body pain. My lung capacity, thanks to my treatments, is greatly increased. The upper and lower back and hip pain I have had for many years as a result of childhood scoliosis is greatly reduced. A painful elbow, resulting from a two-day canoe trip thirty years ago, is pain free. My arthritic thumbs rarely affect my ability to use them.

Over the last 30 years I have sought many forms of treatment for my physical problems, but with limited success. I have found Peter Rothe unique in his ability to assess and treat my chronic conditions. Over the course of treatment, he has made significant changes in me so that today I am able to lead a full, active life because of his Orthopedic Massage treatments.

–  Alanna F. Occupational Therapist

Of course, Peter, I would love to, I tell many people of the benefits of your expertise and technique.

After a serious bicycle accident I had pain in my neck and shoulders for a year. I would rate my discomfort at 9.5 out of 10, 24 hours a day. I thought that I would have to give up my career. I tried traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture by various practitioners with marginal results. I saw numerous chiropractors as well as numerous body-workers. All to no avail! Peter’s assessment sounded logical and his therapy relieved me of my pain. For years now, I’ve been pain free, and I can continue my career as a dentist.

–  Edward C., DDS

I was introduced to Peter, in 2001, by a personal trainer who said: “Peter’s therapy far exceeds any expectations”. I have found this to be totally accurate and have since this time visited regularly and sent my four daughters to him. I have had various injuries causing me discomfort and at times severe pain, neck surgery in particular, for which the Hendrickson Method of massage has proved very effective. Peter is gifted. He has a calm and caring personality and is most perceptive in his recommendations. Each time I visit I leave I am ready to tackle the world!

–  Calla F

I have gone to Peter Rothe for over 10 years and continue to receive his deep muscle massage once/week. His work has helped me tremendously as I suffer from chronic lower back and neck aches with pain radiating into my arms and legs. He also alleviates the muscle pain resulting from vigorous training at the gym and from long hours hunched over on the computer. I do not know how I could remain as active as I am without his help. He also gives excellent advice how to avoid injuries and diminish strains caused by poor posture.

–  R.T. MD.

I was in a car accident and suffered acute nerve pain in my left shoulder/neck. The pain was constant and became debilitating, as I trouble doing every day tasks like carrying a bag of groceries, cooking, or washing dishes.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Peter Rothe. After three weeks of receiving orthopedic massage/manual therapy I felt much better. Peter’s treatments led to a gradual decline in my shoulder/neck pain to the point where I rarely think about it today.

Peter’s impressive knowledge of the body’s muscles, bones, and structure and clear explanations have helped me to understand the connection between my left shoulder and my shorter right leg, which resulted from a car accident and hip replacement surgery 30 years ago. Peter is helping me to correct my posture by releasing tight muscles. He also helped me to determine the appropriate heel lift height for my right shoe. Peter showed me exercises and methods that allow me to take responsibility for my own healing – for alleviating pain in my left shoulder when it appears, for keeping my spinal column from locking up, and for taking steps to prevent my shorter right leg from causing future pain and discomfort.

Peter has also helped me with repetitive strain injury issues and a knee injury, and assisted my daughter with a neck injury and scoliosis.

Beyond that, Peter is a healer of both the body and the mind. Peter has generously shared with me his kind, compassionate way of thinking about life, and I have found it to be extremely helpful.

–  J.C.K., Attorney At Law

I first came to Peter with an array of chronic problems that were limiting my ability to play music. I had several conditions; carpal tunnel, bursitis in the shoulders and arms, and thoracic outlet syndrome. I tried everything short of surgery. At the initial session, he said he could take care of my problems within three months. I tried it, and, it worked. With this massage method, you can actually see the results immediately in increased range of motion. However, as Peter proved, that was the easy part. More challenging was what happened on the sub-dermal level. There was an ensuing increased range of *emotional* awareness, which was bewildering, but also exciting. My posture was keeping me prisoner to the pain and sadness of the past, limiting my creative potential. Without being presumptuous or intrusive, Peter helped me unleash my emotional locksmith. I then unlocked a process that helped me change this “angle of repose,” to the benefit of my serenity and creative efforts. Peter Rothe truly brings new meaning to the word “open.” He unleashed in me the single most important process of personal healing events in my adult life.  – Brian G. Musician– 

I schedule sessions with Peter months in advance because I know that by the time the date arrives, I’ll be needing his recuperative touch. All too often I will have injured myself in one of my physical activities, or I will just need to hit the “reset button.” I very much appreciate Peter’s contribution to the healing of injuries that I’ve had over the years from my shoulder, mid-thoracic, low back and great toe. I always leave our sessions revivified and rejuvenated and deeply appreciative.

–  Ike L. Mediator

My muscles became rigid and dysfunctional following a vertebral fracture, a decade ago. I was miserable, and my mood fell along with the limits on my active lifestyle. Peter Rothe has worked closely with me, with keen insight into how the problem could be reversed and, in so doing, he has helped me gain insight into addressing the situation on my own. The only thing which counsels me not to recommend Peter to others is the reality that my access to him diminishes as his practice grows.

–  J.W. Attorney At Law

Peter has been treating me for over a decade now, and I couldn’t be happier with his work. He has managed to bring instantaneous relief from pain when I have had back problems and his knowledge of body mechanics is very comforting. I have had a lot of shoulder issues and he has managed to help me understand what the problem is, and his work has allowed me to keep on playing the sports that I really enjoy.

The bodywork experience is very relaxing and not painful nor invasive. I have had a chiropractic sports treatments which are really painful and I definitely prefer the non-painful method! The tense and release technique is really simple but very effective.

Getting older is hard… but I am glad Peter is there to help me get through these aches and pains.

–  John L., Architect

Peter Rothe is a miracle worker! Before I started seeing him for treatment I was plagued with frequent muscle spasms in my back and neck and often walked around looking like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Thanks to Peter, I am almost completely muscle spasm free, and if I do have an occasional muscle spasm, Peter’s magic hands release it in one session. I would highly recommend him to anyone with back or neck pain or muscular issues.

–  Jill H.

Working with Peter has meant the difference between being able to function quite normally and being in constant pain with a deteriorating knee problem. I came to him because other parts of my body were out of alignment and stressed due to the condition of the knee, and I was determined to hold out for the kind of artificial cartilage I needed. His ability to sense what and where the problem is that needs attention, and his subsequent ability to release the tension which a given muscle holds unnecessarily are extraordinary. Replacing the knee has unfortunately become a reality but repairing it in any form was beyond the scope of Peter’s work, I realized. Shall be forever grateful to him for patiently, humorously chiding me to get this done and for keeping my body from unhinging in the meantime! I will certainly continue to see him after surgery for further whole-body-function repair.

–  Connie E.

Peter Rothe is a gifted bodyworker. He has a vast knowledge of both human anatomy and bodyworking techniques. Peter has the uncommon ability to find problems and treat their root causes. This coupled with his relaxing manner make for a most pleasurable bodyworking experience. He deserves my highest endorsement and recommendation.

–  Bruce L. Architect

“Working with Peter at the Bodywork Institute has significantly improved my chronic back problems. My periodic visits not only give me short term pain relief but working with Peter over the years has significantly improved my overall body health.”

–  Chris H. Asset Manager